Data-Informed Decisions, Every Step of the Way.

Make smarter decisions when reaching
your target market.

The Three Main Components of Data-Informed Performance Marketing

Data: create a data strategy that integrates performance marketing data (which includes audience data) with your business outcomes data across all touchpoints of the customer journey

Insight: thrive in an insight-rich culture, inclusive of program dashboards, self-service reporting, apps, and data models in order to form insights that sit atop an analytics ecosystem that fuels performance marketing

Analytics: make aggregated and integrated data sets available to all marketing stakeholders in ways that can be easily merged into existing workflows and/or improved ways of working

Our Performance Marketing Analytics Program Includes

SFG Interactive Dashboard for Program Assessment (SEO, Content, Paid Media, Integrated)

Data strategy: inclusive of data teamwork workshop, data and ecosystem roadmap, and program measurement framework

Data modeling, machine learning, and advanced analysis: for attribution, predictive, and prescriptive analytics along the customer journey

Data architecture, tag management, implementation consulting and data collection validation for web analytics, other data collection, and marketing tags

Testing and optimization to drive scalable programs with room for experimentation and innovation