Create Content that Matters.

We get to know your customers and create content that entices them to shop

Step 1

Create engaging content that piques the interest of your audience.

Step 2

Post the content where your audience spends their time.

Step 3

Use the resulting data and insights to create more compelling content.

We believe that content is the engine that drives all your digital marketing efforts, and that the quality of your content will dictate the success of your website.

Understanding Your Audience

Our approach to content marketing starts with understanding your audience. Without knowing who we’re trying to reach, it’s impossible to know how to reach them. Once we’ve created personas based on your audience, we focus our attention on picking the right topics based on search volume, buyer intent, difficulty relative to investment, and brand alignment.

Next, we’ll determine how much new content we’d need to create versus what we can accomplish utilizing existing site content. Brands can see success from better curating existing content and determining which content should be: 

  1. Retired 
  2. Reformatted
  3. Redirected
  4. Repurposed

We begin the creation process once we understand how much new content needs to be created. From there, we’ll focus on building links that matter thorough Digital PR, promoting your content on social media, and then reporting on the success of each piece to better inform your strategy in the future.